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August 29, 2007

Now I understand why celebrities throw tantrums

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Before today, I never really understood why celebs throw tantrums when they are treated like ordinary citizens. I mean, is it really worth a lawsuit and a whole lotta bad PR to throw a fit cause the Korean lady didn’t do your manicure for free because your famous?

Crazy blackberry wielding raptresses aside, I now have somewhat of an idea how celebs feel when they don’t get preferential treatment:

So three out of five days a week I order a field green salad from Good Burger for lunch. I’m a quick learner, so early on I figured out that if you order the salad over the phone and then go pick it up you won’t have to wait on that long-ass line that is always out the door at Good Burger.  So everytime I go in Good Burger to pick up my order, the cashier’s recognize me and even skip me to the front of the line to pay for my food.

In fact, when I come in now they actually know my name and announce “_______ is here! Can I have her salad?” Then everyone else on line looks at me like “who is this bitch, and why are they treating her like she’s a Good Burger VIP customer or some shit?” I of course just smile to myself and then thank Mike (guy behind the counter) for my meal. I’ll even chit chat with him every now and again about silly stuff, all the while smirking as customers 10-35 wait for their numbers to be called.

But today, I got the VIP taste smacked out of my mouth. I came in and there were no freindly faces behind the counter: no short black girl, no Mike and no foreign girl who still hasn’t yet figured out how to work the cash register. Instead, it was two girls I didn’t know. And after the cashier took my money, they made me wait for my salad.

Already pissed that I have to wait like a commoner, I was then knocked down anoeher peg when old girl asked me to wait on the opposite side of the line. I was thinking “this chick didn’t really ask me to move over, did she? There are about 30 people in here and it’s not like it’s crowded and I need to be out the way.” Of course old girl was black. Black people love to hate on each other! LOL.

So then, I get my salad and check my bag and old girl left out my pita chips! Now Mike knows that it’s important to include my pita chips, as once they were accidentally left out of the bag and ever since then he makes sure they are in there before he gives me my order to go.

And to make matters worse, some stupid smug banker type guy got an attitude when I had to reach across him to get a fork. Meanwhile, he’s blocking the whole damn island where you pick up your utensils and condiments. Those people get me sick.

As I walked out of the store, I really felt defeated. LOL. I felt like I never wanted to go back to Good Burger again. I mean, I want to eat “where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.”  And that’s when I understood why that celebs throw fits when they don’t get special treatment. You’re so used to being singled out and treated like you are special that when you aren’t you genuinely feel insulted. It takes your ego down several notches.

Well, I haven’t decided if I’ll be going back to good Burger again, after they made me feel like the average Jane Doe today. Let me stop playin, I’m definitely going back there tomorrow for lunch….but Mike BETTER be behind the counter.



  1. It’s ol’ dog Quiz Whiz from EE v. 1.0, LOL! Glad you’re back. And this was a great read! Man!! I wonder why the usuals weren’t there, and all on the same day. Let’s hope there was a Good Burger Customer Service Convention that they went to and things will be back to normal.

    Comment by Quiz Whiz — August 29, 2007 @ 9:12 pm

  2. What, who in the hell these people think that they are? Don’t they know that ooh, baby you a star now! Well, wait to you really get on and they will be telling TMZ that they once served you a field green salad and that you always had a specification of pita chips and that they knew your name and that you and Mike had a little flirtation going on. LOL! You just wait and see sugar. They won’t be hatin’ then!

    Comment by Christeenah — August 30, 2007 @ 2:23 am

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