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September 1, 2007

Adventures in Babyland

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I love my dogs, but sometimes they push me over the limit. Take for example this past weekend. One of my dogs, Baby, decided to pretend he was sick….for like three days! Trying to force me to take him to the doctor, where they’d run expensive and unnecessary tests/exams and just tell me he might have a cold and to give him a baby aspirin…and pay them $125!

It all started when my sister brought her dogs over for the weekend. Baby does NOT like them and he doesn’t understand why they ever have to come into his domain. He often growls and bears his teeth at them. He’s a hater, basically.

So after about a day of them being over, he starts moping and giving me the equivalent of the doggie middle finger: turning his back to me, ice grilling me when I play with the other dogs, all kinds of foolishness.

But then he kicked it up a notch and tried to earn himself an Emmy in the Best Performance by a Male Dog in a Drama category when he woke me up in the middle of the night shaking and generally looking like he was suffering from some kind of feverish condition. Concerned, I put him under the covers to try and warm him up and get him to stop shaking. Eventually, we all fell asleep.

Well, the next morning he seemed to be okay. Still mad at me for bringing the enemy(s) to the gate, but generally back to his old self.  Then 8 PM came and my sister’s dogs were still at my house. And that’s when Baby went into method acting mode. He started shaking again and kept it up even after my sister had picked up her dogs.

The next day, he was still at it: shaking, not eating, not jumping on and off the futon, not coming to greet me at the steps when I got home from work. So I decided he might really be sick and I should take him to the doctor.  Then it wa a whole big ole big ole, because my dad had to take him, since he’s retired now and has his days free. BUT the vet we always go to was going to be closed the next day. So I had to hunt down another vet in the area that would see Baby. All in all, a whole BIG OLE BIG OLE.

Well, immediately after I solidified plans with my dad to come over and get Baby in the morning, Baby suddenly and miraculously recovered from his ailments: he jumped down off the bed, started eating, drank some water, and ta-da, found his bone that I’d searched for and searched for for like 2 days. I came into the bedroom and the bone was just there, lying on the bed! As if it had been there all along. But it hadn’t, because he’d hid it!

So the next morning I called my dad and left him a voicemail letting him know that Baby was miraculously cured and he didn’t need to bother coming to get him. But my dad missed the message and came over to my apartment anyway. So I get a call at work from my father (who never calls me on my work phone) and he’s like, “I’m over at your apartment with Baby, but he seems fine. He’s running and jumping and trying to climb up on me.” So then I had to tell him about Baby’s big cure and the voicemail.

So in the end, I didn’t have to waste any money on the vet, but Baby still got exactly what he wanted: my concern and attention. I can’t believe he played me like that.


That’s Baby. Doesn’t he just look dramatic? He’s lucky I love him so much.

P.S. I can’t stop listening to Ice Cube’s “Steady Mobbin” on my iPod.  You know when you listen to the actual lyrics, the song is really nasty (‘Pappy could you slap me on the ass hard and fast and could please try not to leave a gash?…..F’d around and dropped the bomb son. And it came out sort of like confetti’) but it’s just such a good song. I love it, I love it, I love it.

I’m also really feeling Paula Cole’s “I believe in Love“–it sounds like something from the seventies. It wasn’t really a popular song becase she *cough* decided to go black on that album and white people couldn’t really handle it. They wanted her to keep singing about cowboys and chevys and saying “yipee yi yipee yay.” So the song/album tanked. Don’t worry Paula, just come all the way over to the black side and you can have a career again. Just look at Teena Marie.  BTW, the video is retarded. Are they doing the electric slide?! Just ignore the video and listen to the song.



  1. LOL! Baby, Baby, Baby!

    Comment by lipgloss23 — September 4, 2007 @ 8:14 pm

  2. Don’t hate on my dogs. I love them.

    Comment by Sister Soul — September 7, 2007 @ 2:05 pm

  3. I love baby too. He just wilds out every now and then.

    Comment by exclusivelyexclusive — September 7, 2007 @ 5:47 pm

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