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September 15, 2007

High-top fades and boom boxes

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So I went to this party at the Puma store last night. And this is news because I never go anywhere. I always get invites to parties, but then I come up with a lame excuse about why I can’t go. I just stay home and watch the Discovery Channel or Nancy Grace, while talking to my bestfriend about absolutely nothing.

So I go to this party and, luckily, my friend’s friend works for Puma, so he skips us to the front and we get right in. It was pretty cool, because guys were getting haircuts and Evil Dee was DJing (which I forgot he was going to do and I was like “Who’s the DJ?” and then this guy tried to school me on some “You ever ehard of Black Moon?” I’m like “Yeah, of course.” Don’t get it twisted!)

It was so funny because there were all these people there that I see in pictures for every party: the Asian girl with the blond hair, the Latina girl with the short red hair, Leroy Jenkins designers and of course, the Retro Kids:

big daddy kane and retro kids pic

It was very weird actually seeing people walk around dressed like that. It’s so overdone and unoriginal at this point. I started expounding on this point to my high schol friend (who I hadn’t seen since HS, it was cool to see her), who happens to be the marketing manager at Complex (which co-sponsored) and she was like “Yeah, I hired them for our advertorial.” Then I was like, “Um, yeah, I mean, like, you know, people think it’s cool, so I understand it as a marketing tool…” Then I changed the subject.

Then, since it was a party for the Yo MTV Raps!/Puma sneaker, Ed Lover showed up. He actually looks really good, really well-preserved. He had a very young, very pretty woman with him. He desrves it, since he has really kept himself up over the years.

The highlight was when Black Moon performed: it was really fun to see the room explode as they performed “Who Got Da Props?” Of course, I had to struggle to actually see them, as everyone crowded the performance area.

Then the performance ended and the wackness ensued as these really lame breakdancers did a dance-off in a circle. That’s when I was like “Peace.” And I walked to Chinatown to get some dinner.

All in all, it was an okay night. Maybe I’ll start going to more of these things. Who knows.

P.S. Buckshot Shorty really is short: he’s like 4’11” and then he had on these giant sunglasses that covered 3/4 of his face. And it was strange because he has the body of a 12 year old, but the face of a 35 year old.

P.P.S. There were these twin brothers at the party, they looked 15 yrs old, and they both had two pigtail braids in their heads and wore 80s gear. They looked just like Bow Wow, it was really strange.



  1. i know all these people you described. im so mad i didnt get in… 😦

    is that bigdaddykane in the photo with you and the retro kids?



    Comment by mc dayjob — September 15, 2007 @ 6:39 pm

  2. Wow! Sounds like a fun time! What’s the qualification to be an 80’s kid? Are they accepting applications? My lip gloss be cool! My lipgloss b poppin’…

    Comment by lipgloss23 — September 15, 2007 @ 10:15 pm

  3. McDayJob: It was fun, plus it wasn’t crowded and they had free beer and dranks. They should have let a lot more people in.

    Lipgloss: Please! Who wants to walk around with big glasses, leisure suits and big, fake 80s cell phones? Not you; you’re too cute for that.

    Comment by exclusivelyexclusive2 — September 15, 2007 @ 10:20 pm

  4. Ok, so I guess I’ll start my own group the 70s Macks and Mamas, lol!

    Comment by lipgloss23 — September 15, 2007 @ 10:24 pm

  5. God dammit! That was one party I didn’t go to!I was in line for more than 10 minutes so I copped an attitude like “fuck that!” And it sucks because I took out my fro and I wanted to get my ends trimmed. And everyone else in the world went and were raving about it. Goddammit!!!

    Comment by connykate — September 16, 2007 @ 12:25 am

  6. Yeah, everybody got sick of waiting on the line and left. But I’m sure we’ll actually meet each other at some other event. But then again, how will I know it’s you and how will you know it’s me? We need a secret password. I’ll just be walking past people mumbling “Connykate” until someone does a double take. LOL.

    Comment by exclusivelyexclusive — September 16, 2007 @ 1:36 am

  7. Exclusively Exclusive, plese let mc dayjob know that you are not the girl in that photo. Though she’s pretty, you are much prettier! LOL!

    Comment by Sister Soul — September 17, 2007 @ 4:45 pm

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