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September 19, 2007

Am I the only one

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who looks at random couplings on the street and tries to figure out the backstory? Like if you see a Chinese man with a little black girl, do you try to figure out how they know each other and when you can’t, do you invent a story in your head about their relationship? I do, all the time.

Like last week I saw a fat white man–maybe in his late 20s–and a black woman–also in her late 20s– all hugged up on the train. T hey weren’t anything like I’d ever seen before: she wasn’t some gorgeous model type and he wasn’t some older dashing European gentleman nor was he a white boy trying to be black and sporting his black girl on his arm as a symbol that he’s down. Instead, they both seemed like misfits. Misfits in love. So I started a little narrative about them in my head involving a fateful  encounter at an “I love Library Science” Meetup.com get together in Central Park. And it went on from there. It was a good story, though I forget the details.

I often wonder if people see me and my friend, who we’ll call Apple, walking down the street and wonder “How the hell did those two become friends?” I am late 20s, black, curvaceous with locs and Apple’s in her early sixties, bright red hair, very fashion forward, skinny as a rail.  And usually, we’re laughing at someone or talking loud in the movie theater or yelling at a tall person for sitting in front of us in a theater without stadium seating and getting hushed . I bet people are like “who are those crazy mis-matched bitches and why won’t they STFU?”

I also used to wonder if people I was my ex-boss’ lady servant, when she’d get on the subway with me and we’d ride down to 14th street with her in her fur coat and Chanel bag and me in my Macy’s coat and Steve Madden’s.  I was always so embarrassed.

P.S. What is going on with this K-ville show? I am thoroughly confused.

P.P.S. Isn’t VH1’s Rock of Love just trashtastically delicious? 

P.P.P.S. Why do contestants on VH1’s reality shows always gang up on the stripper like, “But she’s a STRIPPER. [Insert male d-list celbrity’s name here] needs someone better than that….Someone like me” Meanwhile, they’re all living off of a man or hoping to do so after winning the show. The stripper WORKS for her money–she earns it. There is dignity in that. Someone needs to tell those beyatches to shut up and get an STD test.



  1. This is some post!

    Comment by D'Andre St. James — September 19, 2007 @ 1:41 am

  2. Whackness!

    Comment by Anonymous — September 19, 2007 @ 1:42 am

  3. I live and work in the hood, so not really!

    Comment by lipgloss23 — September 19, 2007 @ 1:46 am

  4. no you are not the only one who does that. i can one up you tho, you ever wanted to follow a random person just to see what they do?


    Comment by donwill — September 19, 2007 @ 2:32 pm

  5. Donwill- what do you do for a living? Stalkerazzi? JK Your comments are intriguing because it sounds likes you and EE are almost the same person, just different genders lol

    Comment by Anonymous — September 19, 2007 @ 8:54 pm

  6. Donwill–I never wanted to follow someone, that would be too weird. But I do create elaborate stories about people all the time.

    Anonymous–Donwill and I have a last name in common, so we might be related. That might explain the similarities in our personalities. LOL.

    Comment by exclusivelyexclusive2 — September 20, 2007 @ 1:49 am

  7. Or y’all might just be in love with each other

    Comment by Ghettoass — September 20, 2007 @ 2:55 am

  8. Where is Don in all of this?

    Comment by Anonymous — September 20, 2007 @ 2:56 am

  9. What’s love got to do wit it Ghettoass? Such a ghettoass…

    Comment by Lipgloss23 — September 21, 2007 @ 3:20 am

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