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November 21, 2007

Guess who’s b(l)ack [Part I]

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I was away for a while, handling some stuff I needed to handle.  But I’m back and I need to give y’all updates.  Oh, so many updates.

Let’s start with the most important one: My great grandmother passed.

She lived a long life (94 years) and was sick towards the end, so it was best that she transitioned.  I had not seen her in many years and in the last years of her life, she didn’t know who we were. So I was not very sad. But it was tough to see my grandmother cry; I don’t think I’ve ever seen her cry (I must have at some point. But I honestly can’t remember when).

So we traveled to Laurens, SC for the funeral. It was interesting–I had not been there in like 15 years. It is still a very quiet city, with many people being poor and most local businesses being the equivalent of bodegas.

One of the things we did down there was visit my great grandmother’s house, which is teeny-tiny. Most people on her block have very small houses–ranch style and the size of an NYC apartment. These houses stand in stark contrast to the practically mansion-sized homes of the white people on the other side of town. The house now belongs to BayBay, who was like a son to her and my great aunt. He cried the most during the funeral; he took it very, very hard. I felt bad for him, as they were both like his true family. And now they are both gone.

Funny, yet disgusting piece of my experience in South Carolina: on Friday we went to make final arrangements at the funeral home. I was bored, so I said “Let me go walk over to ‘town.'” My sister refused to go with me, so I went alone. And as I’m walking into town, I see a store that looks like a converted movie theater and the sign reads “World Famous Redneck Shop.” Sooooo……………………..I decide to go inside. Oh, boy. It was disturbing to say the least:

Well, I’m greeted by a veritable “Jim Bob” who says “Welcome. Feel free to take photos.” Clearly, “Jim Bob” is used to people stopping by and gawking, so I take him up on his offer and take these photos:

After browsing around and seeing various white power DVDs and all kinds of offensive materials, as well as a mysterious looking man in leather typing on a computer behind the counter, I decided little ExEx needed to be OUT. So I left.

I showed everyone the photos when I got back to the funeral home. Most people were kind of shocked; many couldn’t believe I actually went inside. But I felt like I HAD TO GO IN. This store was like something off of a History Channel documentary. I know people are still racist; I know they still think black people should be on plantations. But I’ve never had to deal wih racism so in my face like that. And making it worse was that these people were polite to me, using all kinds of “ma’ams” and “come back anytimes.” It jsut mae me more angry.  Maybe it would have been easier if they’d just called me names and thrown me out? I don’t know.

More to come on updates from me. But this is good for now.

P.S. Fight the power.



  1. I can’t belive that you had the gutsssssss to go in. I woulda ran the other way girl. Fight the power baby!

    Comment by Anonymous — November 28, 2007 @ 5:14 pm

  2. […] another note, the World Famous Redneck Shop I wrote about in a previous blog is being threatened with eviction.  I doubt the landlord will be able to kick them out (BTW, why […]

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