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April 5, 2008

You’re a special one my baby and when you touch me…

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All Fall Down

This song is the jam and I can’t find this song in iTunes šŸ˜¦


March 26, 2008

And I love it (c) Jeezy

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This news really made me pay attention yesterday:

Apparently, Wendy Williams’ booker filed an EEOC complaint against WBLS cause she says Wendy’s husband repeatedly asked if he could f*&k her and even beat up Wendy in the studio.

The booker also claims to have eye witnesses, including a human resourcesĀ rep at WBLS, who told her to stay away from Wendy’s husband after she overheard him proposition the booker.

While I don’t delight in anyone’s misfortune, the truth is that Wendy does: she regularly delights in the misfortunes of celebs and makes fun of them. Now, the shoe is on the other foot. Hmmm…I wish I could have listened to her show yesterday to see if she addresses the suit.

In the “What is REALLY going on here” files:

Did you hear thatĀ the governor of NY just announced that he once had sex with a monkey, bare back in a Days Inn motel? Ā HeĀ then admitted thatĀ he later took the monkey home and gave it to his children as a gift.Ā  WTF.Ā  Can someone please tell him to stop talking?

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