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February 9, 2008

On that old Fiona Apple S**t

Filed under: Depression — exclusivelyexclusive2 @ 10:09 pm

My day was great yesterday: work was GREAT. I was on top of the world. I was workin. Workin. Workin.

Then I went to meet a friend for dinner. I was eatin, talkin, eatin, talkin, laughin.

Then we got to the movie theater and I Was laughin, laughin, depressed, laughin, depressed.

Then I got on the train–okay, more acurately: I waited in the subway on the platform for 25 minutes and then I got on the train.

Then depressed, okay, depressed, okay, depressed…..

Flatline: depressed.

I got up today and got on with my day and was pretty fine. I actually had a lot of fun at a party I went to.

Then depressed.

And here I stay.

This s**t ain’t right.

Whoever said happiness is a state of mind lied.

It aint true. I’d like to kick them in their f**kin heads right now.

Ooh, that was kinda harsh. But it made me feel better.


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