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March 26, 2008

And I love it (c) Jeezy

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This news really made me pay attention yesterday:

Apparently, Wendy Williams’ booker filed an EEOC complaint against WBLS cause she says Wendy’s husband repeatedly asked if he could f*&k her and even beat up Wendy in the studio.

The booker also claims to have eye witnesses, including a human resources rep at WBLS, who told her to stay away from Wendy’s husband after she overheard him proposition the booker.

While I don’t delight in anyone’s misfortune, the truth is that Wendy does: she regularly delights in the misfortunes of celebs and makes fun of them. Now, the shoe is on the other foot. Hmmm…I wish I could have listened to her show yesterday to see if she addresses the suit.

In the “What is REALLY going on here” files:

Did you hear that the governor of NY just announced that he once had sex with a monkey, bare back in a Days Inn motel?  He then admitted that he later took the monkey home and gave it to his children as a gift.  WTF.  Can someone please tell him to stop talking?


March 15, 2008

Hello Goodbuy

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Well, I am finally writing again. I am so excited about my new purchase. A beautiful piece of artwork that cost me just $7.99 at a local craft store. Please meet, Shanequa:

Actually, her name is probably Koko or something like that. She’s too sophisticated to be Shanequa. But whatever her name is, isn’t she beautiful? I love her.

My mom was with me when I bought her, but she thinks Koko-Shanequa is hideous. She had to hold the painting on the way to the car and she refused to turn it around so that passing cars and pedestrians could see Koko-Shanequa’s face. I told her she was afraid of her blackness.

There really is no place for Koko-Shanequa to hang in my house. She matches the living room, but her look is too modern for the rest of the decor in the room. Maybe she’ll just stay under wraps until I move and have a place for her.

On another note, the World Famous Redneck Shop I wrote about in a previous blog is being threatened with eviction.  I doubt the landlord will be able to kick them out (BTW, why did the landlord, a black man, even rent the store to these people in the first place?!). But we’ll see what happens.

It’s hard to believe that my great-grandmother’s hometown is at the epi-center of a civil rights battle. Nothing much ever happens in Laurens, SC.

Well, toodles. Back soon.

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