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February 17, 2008

Scott Baio is 46 and pregnant….

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…..should REALLY be called:

“Scott Baio is completely unready for a wife and child” or

“Scott Baio has absolutely no desire to be a father or husband” or

“Scott Baio only got married because he thought he should/had to”

Clearly, this guy does not want to be married, nor does he want to be a father.  Watching this show is painful–like watching a car crash in slow motion and one passenger never saw it coming.

Why would anyone want to marry a man who didn’t want to marry them?

As lonely as one might get, who’d ever want to be with someone by force: as in you forced them to marry you with guilt trips and whining followed by an unplanned pregnancy.

I’m not implying that the lady got pregnant to trick him into marriage. I’m just saying that she can clearly read the signs that Baio is not ready for marriage. Yet, they got married and moved in together and now the baby is here.

Maybe he has changed. Maybe he saw that precious baby, when she was born and said, “OMG! THIS is what life is all about. I’m so sorry I’ve been a schmuck for the past 46 years.”

But I kinda doubt that. I think what he’s probably thinking is: “Oh, shit–if I leave her now, I’ll really look like an asshole. Guess I gotta stay married.”

Ladies: love yourselves.

Love yourselves enough not to marry a man that doesn’t want to marry you. 

Amen, amen and amen.

Tune in tomorrow when I’ll be discussing “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Another cringeworthy show about “love.”


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