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January 17, 2008

Fiascogate continues…for no good reason

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So the latest Lupe Fiasco fiasco has hit the Internets: message boards and hip-hop magazine blogs are buzzing over this answer Lupe gave during an Entertainment Weekly interview:

Entertainment Weekly: Did you get picked on a lot when you were a kid?
Lupe Fiasco: When the gang-bangers would try to pull it, I was like, “Yo, I will fuck you up. And if you wanna call your cousin, call him. I’ll call me! I’ll call me right now.” We were shooting TEC-9s when we were babies, so the whole gangsta image, that ain’t nothing. When I was growing up, there was a crack house next door to us and they were trying to expand. My father was like, Are you serious? He took his gun, walked next door, and said, “You’re done,” while I aimed my gun out of the window. I was 13 or 14 and to see that, a lot of the facade and the upkeep [of trying] to impress people was eliminated very early for me.

This response has elicited the typical, “Negro, please” responses from many Lupe critics as well as many, many “what the f*** is this skateboard n**** talkin ’bout” comments.

Now, I know I previously took Lupe to task over this drug business, and I know Lupe said some dumb things regarding his ATCQ lyrics mess up, but in this case I really feel like people need to STOP:

Lupe grew up on the west side of Chicago which is supposed to be ROUGH. I mean, isn’t that where Candyman did his dirty business?  You had to be tough to survive there. Just ask Common about his pre-vegetarian days.

But seriously, no one knows what went on in Lupe’s family/home. If he says he was shooting TEC9’s, maybe he was.  He definitely had an untraditional upbringing with a father that seemed very focused on self-preservation/self-defense (from what I’ve gleaned from his interviews).

Also, there’s another part of the interview with EW (you can read it here), where he talks about being a black belt in karate, as a kid. As a black belt, he would have the skills to defend himself confidently and/or diasarm one. 

I type all this to say: cut it out, people. Until Lupe starts claiming that he is single-handedly “saving hip-hop” or that he’s the greatest rapper alive, I think everyone needs to just give him a break already.

Besides, he’s only human. LOL.


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